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Budgeting and Forecasting Essentials


S&A Methodology of Preparing Budget/Forecasting Plan 


When S&A prepares the budgeting system for your organization in a holistic approach the budget becomes an ongoing, pre-planning, road map for the goals and objectives expressed in writing.  It will give you the ability and judgment to know how far you have come and how much more one can go.


S&A will look into every aspect of your business, and as the opportunities arise, your company will have a better edge and stronger ability to adapt to the changing circumstances.


S&A budgeting system will prepare your company for the unknown and uncertain.  No one can anticipate every challenge your business will face, but the more knowledgeable you are, the easier it is to understand how changes affect the business and what action should be taken.


S&A budgeting system will fuel creative ideas in every situation, opportunities to reduce costs, improve products or increase efficiency and focus your attention on how the work is done.


S&A budgeting process will provide benchmarks. A business without the budget has no means of determining success or failure. Benchmarks will aid in charting progress as well as uncover potential problems.


Once the budget is implemented and continuously monitored it can serve as an effective tool for analysis company’s purchasing, scheduling, marketing, personnel, and financing decisions.


  • S&A will create, implement and monitor a Budgeting system for specified period of time agreed.

  • A step by step system/process will be established to convert financial information into strategic decisions.

  • Budgets will be the outcome of the above budgeting process

  • In-house Budget Software Consulting: In-house training on budgeting software is available from our financial consultants.


S&A can research suitable budget software for your industry and customize it to your operations and also train your financial personnel to efficiently use it with your accounting system. Budget software recommendation on purchasing will be developed by the associated consultant.


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