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Creating a World Class Business Plan


S&A Business Plan Approach


Whether a company is a start up or a successful ongoing business, a business plan is the most rewarding investment for current and future strategic and operational decisions and long-term stability of your company.


As the business grows, so do the challenges and demands.  A business plan is critical to grow and sustain your business success.  S&A’s own business plan was rated among the Top Ten Business Plans in Northeast Ohio in the Minority Business Plan Category.  In the year 2005, S&A developed business plans for various companies and one of the plans was ranked seventh in the top three categories in the COSE Business Plan Challenge Competition 2005.  Our business strategies set the quantitative goals and determine how you should obtain them. We help you to develop a blueprint for the future of your company.


S&A’s team of professionals can work on your vision to achieve your goals by bringing together a pool of exceptional talent and skills to make it an effective and powerful plan which will bring a world of opportunity and rewarding results for years to come.


We will develop a “Masterpiece of Innovation” and a “Working Model” which will solidify and communicate clear and concise goals of your organization to your employees, customers, banks, venture capitalists and angel investors. S&A can not only create a plan but can assist you in the implementation of the plan and as well in monitoring the progress and the results of your plan


Preparation and development of the business plan including all parts of the plan:

  • Organizational Plans

  • Marketing Plans

  • Operational Plans

  • Financial Plans

  • Supporting Documents

  • Financial Projection on a Monthly and Annual Basis

  • Financial Projection for three years

  • Review and analysis of present business plan if available



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