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S&A Consulting Group LLP is one of the leading management consulting firms in Northeast Ohio, U.S.A., measured not by size, but by our reputation for client and employee retention and satisfaction.

Our firm provides consulting services specializing in Global Resource Management Development in the areas of Financial Management, Manufacturing Technology Management, Marketing and Strategic Business, Executive Coaching and customized services for your particular project situations and needs.

At S&A, we provide consulting services to a diverse group of local, national and international clients in Japan, Europe and Asia, in the manufacturing, construction and service industries, as well as government and non-profit sectors. With S&A, you get the industry experience and comprehensive knowledge that has been our hallmark since inception.

Through S&A, you have access to the expertise of our consultants from around the world. Based on our collective 250 years of invaluable experience in global operations, we offer an integrated approach to organizational effectiveness. At S&A, no two projects are ever the same. We understand the dynamic business environment and use our size to your advantage by differentiating and providing efficient, custom-tailored solutions to fit each client's needs. Our professionals provide an informed, up-to-date perspective on tax management, profitability improvement, financial and management control analysis, and comprehensive consulting services to manage business changes. It is this network of consultants, resources and relationships within the community that makes S&A stand out from our competitors in the large but fragmented consulting industry.

With vision, we create "Customized Solution Approach Consulting". At S&A Consulting Group, we focus on harnessing our greatest talents and working holistically with individuals and businesses, to maximize your positive cash flow, growth, wealth and stability.

About S&A
We are committed to make an up-front investment of our time and resources for your future growth and prosperity.
Mission Statement

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