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Bookkeeping is an extremely important process in any enterprise and is integral to financial data management systems. (click for more bookkeeping and billing service)


Business analysts report that poor cash management is the main reason for business failure, and is probably the most frequent stumbling block for entrepreneurs. At S&A, we help you understand the basic and complex concepts of cash flow management so you can plan for the unforeseen eventualities that nearly all business faces. (click for more cash management)

Financial planning is a critical activity for every business, regardless of its age and size. For start-up companies, the financial projections preparation is integral to the business planning process. For growth-oriented and large corporations, financial planning is a part of annual budgeting and plays an important role in long-term planning, business appraisals and corporate development. (click for more forecasts, projections, and budgets)

Bookkeeping Services (Overview)
Proper Bookkeeping procedures and controls are vital to the health and success of your business..

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