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Specifying information system requirements accurately is recognized as a critical step in deploying high quality applications that are flexible in the face of constant change.

The Requirement Analysis process aims to identify and document the customer's requirements for a proposed system. Our trained practitioner, the Requirements Analyst (RA), works with you to understand your requirements, and then prepares a systems blueprint for you.

The Software Requirement Specification (SRS) should include at the least the following information:
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non-functional Requirements
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • External Interface Requirements
  • Acceptance Criteria
At S&A, our services offer an entirely integrated method to manage your apportioned IT infrastructure:
  • We help to simplify and integrate the management of your desktops, servers and network components by offering visibility into the entire enterprise.
  • We help you realize predictable and lower support costs, with increasingly higher levels of service tied to business value.

Any project over a two-week duration should include the Requirement Analysis process, and the importance of an SRS becomes even greater. As the project size increases, the Requirements Analyst’s role is assumed by additional people.

We help you develop modern business applications that fit well into various methodologies, scale easily for large and small projects, and can be adapted for dealing with both industry-standard and custom applications. They are particularly well suited to today’s environment, characterized by business processes that span enterprise boundaries (e.g., e-commerce) and multi-tier applications, that must support a wide variety of user communities and multiple-user interface platforms (e.g., browsers, PDAs, telephony, and so on.)

We ensure that your Accounting System solution is installed and implemented according to your precise specifications and deadlines. S&A’s consulting services can provide you with a range of assistance from basic installation to complete turnkey solutions that include complex data conversions and product customizations.

Backed by a wealth of real-world experience, our information technology consultants help you get up and running fast with:
  1. Project Planning - Obtain a detailed project plan from our consultants that highlight installation milestones and estimated completion dates so you know your priorities will be met on time.
  2. System Requirements - Utilize our IT consultants to ensure your hardware and network platform meets system requirements.
  3. Software Installation - Depend on us to guarantee proper installation of your accounting software on each server and workstation you require
  4. Data Conversion - Convert your legacy data accurately so you can continue tracking your assets with minimal downtime. Our information technology consultants are experts at efficiently pulling all your information directly into today’s most current accounting applications.

They will:
  • Analyze your existing accounting software.
  • Suggest / implement procedural changes.
  • Suggest / implement software and hardware changes

System Requirements
In today’s IT-savvy world, information, and what is done with it, can be the success factor or downfall of any company. S&A gets you to cruising altitude quickly, intelligently and cost effectively.

Our professionals understand your business needs, and specialize in the areas of Bookkeeping, Taxes and Financial Management Consulting.

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