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Business Valuations
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Business Valuations (including advisory services for buying and selling)
Business Valuations consulting
Business valuations are essential if the owner of a business or a business interest is to maximize the value of their investment. A business valuation completed in accordance with professional governing standards is necessary to help facilitate succession and estate planning during one's lifetime. Taking this step increases the business owner's ability to successfully transition ownership and control to other family members or to outsiders and, at the same time, to minimize estate and gift taxes.

Valuation Services
Determining the worth of your company is more important than ever before. Whether you plan... purchase, merge with, or sell an enterprise, transfer intangible assets, enter into a licensing agreement, address estate, gift, or other taxation concerns, or comply with corporate finance and risk management requirements, S&A Consulting Group can assist you.

To address your concerns, we provide unbiased business and asset valuations that yield results with a high degree of support, as well as consulting services in a variety of areas — tools to help you reach your goal of building value for the future.

S&A’s business valuation consultants serve a broad client base. We provide business valuations for tax and financial reporting professionals, as well as for litigation and structured finance support.

Transactions include mergers and acquisitions, business unit divestitures, intangible asset transfers, inter-company licenses, estate and gift tax planning, corporate finance, and risk management.  Some of our services include: 
  • Business valuations - Measure the fair market value of your enterprise as a whole or in part.
  • Intangible asset valuations - Evaluate the worth of stocks, bonds, notes, customer lists, assembled workforce, vendor relations and non-compete agreements.
  • Intellectual asset valuation - Determine the value of patents, copyrights, trademarks, non-patented technology, and trade secrets and validate arms-length royalty rates
  • Personal property valuations - Apprise personal possessions and other private tangible assets
  • Real property valuations - Assess the value of commercial and industrial real estate.
  • Consulting services - Lend valuation guidance and trustworthy advice backed by extensive reach, experience, and resources.

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