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Desktop Support / Integration / Optimization
In today’s IT-savvy world, information, and what is done with it, can be the success factor or downfall of any company. S&A gets you to cruising altitude quickly, intelligently and cost effectively.
desktop support services, desktop support consulting
desktop support consulting
S&A’s desktop support includes IT application installation, hardware/software troubleshooting, testing, training, technical support and other maintenance-related services, including:
  • Windows Operating Systems rollout and migration.
  • Microsoft Office rollout and migration.
  • Support for Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Support for proprietary software rollout or migration.
  • Help eliminate WEB pop-up ads, spam and other annoyances.
  • Virus scanning and elimination.
  • Hard drive optimization.
  • Diagnostics to assure hardware functionality of computers.
Our information technology consultants' broad experience with hardware and software can optimize the performance of your desktop environment. We also monitor and evaluate developments in technology, such as emerging standards, new hardware, and software updates. At S&A, we work to make sure that all of these components optimize the productivity of your business and keep you ahead in the race.

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