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At S&A, we have developed the “Financial Management Systems Model®”, an innovation in the financial industry designed to help our clients achieve financial success. This system incorporates all of the elements that are necessary for your company to achieve positive cash flow and overall positive financial growth. The Model seeks to explain and help our clients to manage the following essential elements of their business: cash flow, operations management and strategic planning. The Model demonstrates how all of these aspects are inter-connected and what is important in each one. The Model guides our clients in the importance of timely billing, managing accounts receivables, establishing internal controls, managing payroll & benefits, establishing favorable terms with vendors and suppliers, tax planning strategies, and in the value of developing a strategic vision through ongoing thoughtful strategic planning.

At S&A we provide consulting and financial management services for companies of all sizes. We accept the challenge as strategic planning facilitator and we focus on our responsibilities to deliver the best practice management business results for our clients by understanding the business issues beyond the numbers.

  • Individuals
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Professional Corporations
  • Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a small business and do not have the staff or expertise to gather the necessary information to keep track of income and expenses, or tax reporting, we've got the resources you need. Whether you need your cash disbursements entered, your bank statements reconciled, or anything from entering journal entries and preparing general ledgers, and quarterly payroll preparation and tax returns --we can do it all!

Financial Management Consulting
financial management consulting services
consulting financial management services
consulting financial management services
We help you manage perpetual financial change by providing financial management services and strategic planning for your business health.

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