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With healthcare management consulting firmly established in both commercial and government healthcare, S&A brings a 360º view of the industry to clients from all areas of the healthcare industry, helping them understand the threats and opportunities of tomorrow's business and political climate. We are working with them to develop the capabilities they need, first to stay financially sound, but ultimately to achieve their mission.

We are committed to enhancing access to quality care, while finding healthcare business solutions to improve the administration and economics of healthcare for patients, clinical providers, insurance organizations and policy makers alike. We work with the leaders of all segments of the healthcare industry to advance progress in consumer-focused care, HIPAA, patient safety, clinical data management, and the fight against bio-terrorism.

S&A’s consultants understand the unique business challenges our healthcare clients face. Declining reimbursement levels, combined with a highly regulated environment, can leave a healthcare organization with few resources for technological investments. Our technology experts help maximize your investments and ensure satisfaction over the long term.

Our featured services include:

  • HIPAA consulting
  • Solution delivery
  • Security assurance
  • Strategic technology planning
  • e-Business planning and development
  • Healthcare technology management

Healthcare Management Consulting
The healthcare marketplace is headed into a massive wave of change. S&A’s healthcare management consultants can help you predict, control and successfully ride that wave.
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Over the past 50 years, the United States healthcare system has undergone a series of structural shifts that have typically occurred every fifteen to twenty years. S&A believes that the industry is currently heading into the next wave of massive change—the creation of a consumer healthcare marketplace.

Double-digit premium increases, accelerated cost shifting to employees, the Internet and a variety of other factors are all pointing toward the creation of a consumer marketplace. Consumers will increasingly take on the responsibility of managing their own health benefits, in many cases through individually held health savings accounts that will give them greater freedom to determine when and how they spend their healthcare dollars.

Ultimately, we believe, the healthcare management systems and financial services industries will converge to address the needs of this emerging consumer marketplace. This convergence will lead to new business models focused on helping consumers make informed decisions regarding insurance coverage, financing out-of-pocket costs, and choosing treatment options based on lifestyle changes. Today's healthcare industry participants, already engaged in battles to occupy key pieces of the value chain, will be joined by new entrants—among them, large, well-capitalized financial services companies interested in extending credit and loan facilities to consumers.

It is unlikely that this new paradigm will create a total shift from today's largely employer-sponsored group benefits paradigm, to some form of defined contribution health benefits. However, we believe that significant portions of the market will move in this direction. All of these changes will result in a more complex and segmented environment for health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and specialty companies, characterized by new economics and business models.

Although it is difficult to predict the precise timing of this transformation, it will certainly evolve rapidly and far enough to impact the current planning horizon of industry participants. Who owns which pieces of the healthcare value chain will likely be driven by the economics and market power of today's players and new entrants.

S&A’s healthcare management consulting services include defining corporate and business unit strategies, as well as future operating visions, organization redesigns, and capability-building programs to execute these strategies. We work with our health services industry clients to:

  • Understand the implications and opportunities that major market trends will have on their businesses.
  • Define corporate and business unit strategies to position themselves to capitalize on the most promising growth paths.
  • Undertake detailed blueprinting, implementation planning, and often piloting, to realize the benefits of chosen strategies quickly.

Today's healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce clinical and administrative costs and meet tighter compliance and security mandates. S&A provides the technology, services, consulting and e-business experiences you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

A pioneer in healthcare information technology, we remain at the forefront of improving how healthcare organizations deliver efficient, high quality care. In combination with our global network of business partners and strategic alliances, S&A delivers powerful e-business technology and comprehensive services that help your healthcare organization achieve success.

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