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Nipendra (Nip) P. Singh
Rita N. Singh
Nipendra (Nip) P. Singh is serving as Chairman and CEO of S&A Consulting Group LLP where he provides engineering and management consulting services in investment casting technology, advanced aerospace materials, forging, machining, materials management, equipment planning/acquisition, total new plant start-up and engineering and manufacturing. Over the course of his career, he served in various high level managerial capacities at major players in the aerospace industry including Rolls Royce, General Electric, TRW Corporation and Precision Castparts Corporation, Inc. As ex-founder of Consolidated Services, Inc. and now founder and partner of S&A Consulting Group LLP, he has consulted for over the past twelve years for companies in the U.S., Europe, and Japan and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Investment Casting Institute (ICI). He is also author of various technical and white papers at Investment Casting Institute (ICI) USA, British Investment Casting Association (BICTA), European Investment Casting Federation (EICF), Japan Investment Casting Association and China Foundry Association (CFA).

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Rita N. Singh is a visionary executive leader offering 25+ years of progressive management achievements across multiple industries ranging from closely held family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Rita has been recognized locally and internationally for her business innovation and leadership. As an Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist, her main focus has been in helping people develop skills in Entrepreneurial Leadership in various levels of their career, which are offered as part of an ongoing curriculum, individual coaching sessions, workshops, seminars, lecture series, forums and conferences. At various times she has excelled as an expert entrepreneur, brilliant executive coach, leadership strategist, dynamic speaker, author and moderator, philanthropist and thought leader, trained consultant and CPA.

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