manufacturing technology management consulting manufacturing management consulting manufacturing technology consulting
manufacturing technology management consulting
manufacturing technology management consulting
lean manufacturing consulting manufacturing consulting
manufacturing technology management consulting
S&A’s expertise lies in the following types of projects, resulting in the Business Outcome Model shown above:
  • Identifying and implementing opportunities for metal and lean manufacturing, cost reduction and cost avoidance
  • Defining and implementing process improvements through six sigma strategies
  • Process control in metal manufacturing industries and foundries
  • Lost wax Manufacturing and technology problem solving
  • Identifying and planning strategy for new market entrance
  • Identifying and planning strategy for acquisitions and divestitures
  • Identifying, creating and implementing new technologies

Technology signifies the way an organization does business. In order to remain competitive in the manufacturing marketplace, we must embrace technology.

Manufacturing Technology Management focuses primarily on industry specific consulting, where consultants have extensive experience in all functions, including lean and metal manufacturing operations, project management, new product development and marketing, finance and overall strategic planning. The focus is on manufacturers, suppliers and others in the metal and ceramic industries, which includes casting, forging, machining, and fabricating in the commercial, aerospace and energy sectors.

The combination of world market dynamics and all the emerging economies around the globe have opened huge growth possibilities for the aerospace, industrial gas turbines (IGT) and commercial casting market sectors. To be successful in today’s competitive environment, lean manufacturing automation and information systems must work together to maximize profits.

The investment casting industry functions more like a close knit technology forum than an industrial manufacturing group. The sharing of common technological breakthroughs plays a pivotal role in furthering global investment casting technological advancements. When unique, leading edge, technological advancements are made by individual foundries, these developments remain the key driving force of the foundry’s “competitive advantage”.

An extremely important facet of this core-skill area, is the way we assist companies to become more competitive through excellence in manufacturing technology in investment casting, forging, machining and coating processes. With the increasing emphasis in the U.S. on foreign competition and the lack of ability to compete with these companies (primarily due to labor rates), S&A helps companies to identify their technical strengths and capitalize on them, with an eye towards becoming, or remaining, competitive in the long run.

Within this family of services, S&A has become a unique resource to help companies improve their engineering and manufacturing processes through the strategic use of automation. S&A determines the potential for automation, determines available options, develops project management recommendations, and then implements those recommendations. Projects can also be focused on making enhancements to existing automation.

Our foundry process consultants provide an in-depth technical expertise to assist manufacturers and distributors in solving their operational challenges through enabling technologies. Our solution focuses on challenges such as complying with customer requirements, identifying and reducing costs, reducing inventory, improving data accuracy, improving reporting capabilities and training personnel. Our experienced metal manufacturing and process redesign consultants identify and streamline a client’s business processes for decreased costs, increased quality, improved service, better integration and utilization of technology and increased profitability.

Manufacturing Technology Management Consulting
Cleveland manufacturing consultants
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The global marketplace offers endless possibilities, but it dictates that we be well-versed in the latest global manufacturing technologies.

S&A brings you extensive experience and knowledge of metal manufacturing technology management consulting in the metal and ceramic industries. We can help you realize your full business potential and generate results far beyond perceived levels with process engineering and project management improvements.

Manufacturing Technology Business Outcome Model

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Defining Technology
& Product

Management Advisory

Process & Cost Improvements

Cycle Time / Inventory Reduction

Materials Technology Development

Process Control Enhancement

Turn Key Plant Set Up

Cellular Manufacturing

Flexible & Rigid Automation

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