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Marketing Strategy Consulting: Segmentation & Targeting
There are many ways to segment any market and hundreds of variables that might form the basis for segmentation. This marketing strategy consulting service applies technologies that cut through a constellation of possibilities to choose the approach that yields the most profitable business solution. Our pioneering, proprietary method of market segmentation suggests the best way to segment the market and rank orders alternative market targets using return-on-investment criteria.

Marketing Strategy Consulting: Positioning
The key benefit of our marketing strategy consulting services is to help companies develop a compelling positioning—the succinct, message that would leave an imprint on people's minds about their product or service. Most brands do not have a clear positioning. S&A can identify the strongest positioning opportunity by uncovering what is really important to your targets; not what they say is most important.

Marketing Strategy Consulting: New Product / Service Development & Pricing
The marketing strategy consulting service is to assist the marketers who face critical decisions about the features, benefits, and pricing of new and established products and services.

Marketing Strategy Consulting: Advertising Strategy
Our marketing strategy consulting services includes advertising pre-testing and post-testing. This proprietary marketing strategy consulting service captures multiple indicators of advertising performance in a single measure of campaign effectiveness, also known as advertising sales impact.

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