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Strategic Business Services (Overview)
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Strategic Planning is synonymous with “management of progressive change” or more likely in today’s world with “proactive management of global change”. A strategic business planning system comprises of concepts and tools for analyzing the outer and inner context of the firm, for establishing a firm’s mission and long term objectives, for generating and pursuing alternative strategies. (click for more corporate strategic planning)

Mergers and Acquisitions define the relationship between enterprise strategy and merger and acquisition initiatives. S&A helps you understand of what is required to successfully complete a merger or acquisition, and the pitfalls that derail the process. (click for more mergers and acquisitions)

BUSINESS VALUATIONS (including advisory services for buying and selling)
Business valuations are essential if the owner of a business or a business interest is to maximize the value of their investment. A business valuation completed in accordance with professional governing standards is necessary to help facilitate succession and estate planning during one's lifetime. (click for more business valuations)

BUSINESS PLANS (for start up and existing businesses)
As the business grows, so do the challenges and demands. A business plan is critical to grow and sustain your business success. S&A’s own business plan was rated among the top Ten Business Plans in Northeast Ohio in the Minority Business Plan Category. (click for more business plans)

S&A Consulting Group help clients recognize and understand that both present company business goals and the future vision must be considered when grooming future leadership and developing succession plans. (click for more succession planning)

S&A’s Strategy & Operations Consulting helps clients make major strategic decisions and implement business improvements in areas such as customer relationships, supply chain, mergers & acquisitions, financial management, program leadership and more. (click for more operational & strategic plans)

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