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Strategic Planning is synonymous with “management of progressive change” or more likely in today’s world with “proactive management of global change”. A strategic business planning system comprises of concepts and tools for analyzing the outer and inner context of the firm, for establishing a firm’s mission and long term objectives, for generating and pursuing alternative strategies.

Corporate strategic planning can be conceived as the design of a corporate master plan and the determination of the respective strategic steps in the direction of the goals outlined in the plan.

Primary objective of corporate management today is not short term maximization of profits but rather securing the long term maintenance and development of the corporation and to achieve this, a new measure of control referred to as the "success potential" can be introduced. This is a combination of all the corporate factors, which ultimately achieve the corporate efficiency and effectiveness in economic, social and ecological dimensions. Thus, significantly affecting the effectiveness of strategic actions and bringing into place a corporate strategic business plan.

Proper planning is crucial to the success of any business. To that end, S&A assists clients with everything from writing business plans, finding sources of capital, and helping with the budgeting process to successfully transition a business with a carefully conceived succession plan. S&A has the ability to help you plan your future and shape your destiny.

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