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Comprehensive Tax Services (Overview)
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TAX SERVICES (Federal, State & Local)
Reducing your company's tax bills in today's environment requires not only intelligent planning, but also a commitment to professional excellence and comprehensive service, with an understanding of your particular situation, goals and objectives.

Whether you own a big business or are an individual entrepreneur, our tax professionals can provide you with financial management services that go beyond tax return preparation reporting compliance. We offer guidance for tax savings in mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations, state, local and multi- state and international taxes. We focus on providing accurate and timely filings for our clients in a manner that maximizes tax savings. (click for more tax)

At S&A Consulting Group, we help companies manage and reduce their tax liabilities through a detailed understanding of relevant tax laws and proactive planning. (click for more corporate tax)

Pursuing new international opportunities also means confronting a wide array of new international tax planning strategies and compliance challenges. Each new location means new regulations, different tax rates and specific planning strategies. (click for more multi-state & international tax)

Keeping up with payroll taxes and regulations can be a very tedious process. It calls for experienced professionals to undertake the process in order to avoid huge penalties and interest charges. S&A professionals help companies to keep their payroll tax payments up to date, resulting in huge time and cost savings. We undertake the following payroll tax services: (click for more payroll tax)

Filing a bankruptcy petition can often but not always erase tax debts. It is useful to buy time from the IRS and make them agree to a payment plan suitable to you. It is up to an individual to decide the practical, moral and ethical implications for choosing bankruptcy to deal with the debt burden. (click for more bankruptcy tax planning)

Divorce can drastically change a person’s financial and tax status. Each spouse’s situation depends to a large degree on the structure of the divorce settlement. S&A provides professional advice on marital dissolution to minimize federal income taxes. (click for more divorce tax planning)

The constantly changing tax laws and the government's need to raise revenue have resulted in more activity and correspondence from taxing authorities. You can spend countless hours trying to resolve your problems.
(click for more IRS representation)

We anticipate and plan for every possible business situation to give you maximum control over your tax planning strategies.

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