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The best way to understand the real benefits of working with our firm is to hear what our clients have to say…

“This is to acknowledge the contributions of S&A Consulting Group and Nip Singh’s support towards the success marketing of aerospace industries and lost wax process improvements. Nip has been instrumental in establishing strong relationships between MMC and several customers making a huge contribution to our business growth. As a technical consultant, he has contributed to the improvement of our casting manufacturing process by his abundant experience and managing leadership.”
Matsuo Higo, General Manager,
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

“Rita Singh of S&A Consulting Group has, and will continue to be, a shining star amongst her profession. Her degree of care and involvement is difficult to parallel by the average accounting professional. She truly sets herself and her firm apart from her peers.”
Mark E. Booker, Ex-Assistant Vice
President, Corporate Banking Office,
Fifth Third Bank

"Nip has an appealing way of working with individuals, and in sometimes difficult "turf" battles he has the ability to put reluctant associates completely at ease. His network of contacts in the field has produced several new suppliers of critical products that enhance our process. He also brings a lot of new organizational development concepts to the table when discussing problems."
G. Michael Skerritt, Vice President,
Concorde Castings, Inc.

"The hours of work Rita and her staff have given to organizing and reconciling the accounts for Women´s City Club is deeply appreciated. Her organization is giving us a new level of expertise and fiscal management."
Nancy Calcott, Ex-Executive Director,
Women´s City Club of Cleveland

“I am proud to have known and worked with Nip Singh for many years. From a business standpoint, Nip applies his wealth of foundry experience and knowledge in a straight forward practical manner that is appreciated and respected by his customers and industry peers.”
Michael C. Perry, Executive Director,
Investment Casting Institute

“Every once in a while, one runs into a professional who not only gives confidence to the client in the handling of their business affairs, but adds a personal touch of fun and creativity. Thank you, Rita, for giving this color to our Cleveland/Toronto Team and me.
Donald Baker, President, Don Baker
Holdings, Inc.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“When my company was in need of help with our quality system for the investment casting industry, we called Nip and it proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made. Nip’s experience and reputation give all of his clients instant credibility. His tireless involvement and board position with the Investment Casting Institute has made Nip one of the most knowledgeable and influential members of our industry.”
Mitchell R. Treadaway,
Continental Mineral Processing, Inc.

"S&A consistently displays vision, innovation, and the potential for employment, and maintains a high level of ethics in business. Rita’s civic pride, promotion of business diversity and encouragement of business-to-business relationships are fostered throughout the Northeast Ohio Community."
Bob Lanier, CEO,
Black Pages

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