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Website Design and Development
In today’s IT-savvy world, information, and what is done with it, can be the success factor or downfall of any company. S&A gets you to cruising altitude quickly, intelligently and cost effectively.
website design and development
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S&A offers experienced website development consultants to help professionally design and market your website. Many businesses do not understand how important, and effective, a well designed website can be in today’s business environment. A poorly designed site will actually hurt a business because it will present an unprofessional image to potential customers and limit company sales.

In today's marketplace, companies must exploit emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology, including Web-based solutions. Consultants at S&A assist clients with the design, construction and management of their transformation into an on-demand e-business.

Why do businesses need a website, or need to re-design their existing website?

IT as a marketing tool is very effective in today’s business environment. Some businesses do not have a website simply because they do not understand the importance of having an on-line presence. They simply don’t see the need or understand how it would benefit their business. And if they do concede to a website, most businesses have one that is poorly designed and, therefore, produces little or no results.

The purpose of a corporate website is to bridge the gap between the casual Internet user and your business. A well-designed website will entice its visitors to either purchase something directly or establish initial contact with your company. This can be achieved in many ways, but it must be achieved. Once businesses see and understand that importance – and its specific usefulness to their business operations, we at S&A can help design, professionally build and market a world class website for them.

If your website does not bring in enough new business to pay for itself, you need to contact S&A

We provide three primary web development services:
  1. New Website Design
    When we design a new website, you set the pace. We implement a time-tested, turnkey, 8-stage development plan. We can secure your domain name(s), design and create your site, host it, support it and promote it to ensure the success of your web presence. In short, we are set up as a complete on-line support resource.
  2. Website Renovation
    Our web designers and computer programmers can take your existing site and perform just about any updates and fixes you need. Our renovation service offers you a simple and affordable way for you to clean up your website and add functionality where needed.
  3. Maintenance & Promotion
    Our monthly maintenance programs offer continued support for your website.
At S&A, we will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that includes both a great product and a website specifically designed to sell!

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