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Our services
Manufacturing Technology Consulting
Investment Casting
For more than 30 years, S&A Consulting Group LLP is the only consulting company worldwide which has focused on the investment casting industry.
Market/Technology Research
During our last 30+ years of consulting, we have performed unique and focused market research for our clients.
Scrap/Cost Reduction
The majority of our projects start with high scrap and cost issues of the cast parts.
Product/Process Development
The process is defined as the output of material, equipment, and people.
Strategy & Innovation
Strategies for product/process rationalization, expansion, and specific market entry, etc. are some of the reasons to develop a detailed road map with financial goals and a timeline to accomplish it.
Green/Brown Field Projects
For the past 30 years, we have been helping our clients in many greenfield and brownfield expansions in their foundry operations.
Business Management Consulting
Financial Management
S&A guides our clients to manage the most essential elements of their business: cash flow, importance of timely billing, managing accounts receivables, establishing internal controls.
Entrepreneurship Development
Our Business Development Support consultants go above and beyond by not only giving you the advice but actually work with you.
Leadership Development
Our customized Leadership Development creates an organizational culture that empowers its people with creative thinking, ability to innovate and high values.
Strategic Planning
We align teams with a strategic mindset around your vision, mission, values, goals, and action plans by bring together the brightest talent in our organization.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
S&A Consulting Group and its collaborative partners bring 300+ collective years of thought leadership, invaluable DEI and Organizational Development experience.
Human Resources
We believe our approach differentiates us from other organizations. We begin our complete and thorough analysis by asking the right questions.
Who we are

S&A Consulting Group LLP is one of the leading management consulting firms, based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, specializing in Global Resource Management Development in the core areas of Manufacturing Technology and Business Management Consulting to a diverse group of clients in North America, Japan, Europe, and Asia, in the manufacturing, construction and service industries, as well as government and non-profit sectors.

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What's in it for you?

S&A will help you identify and address the key problems in your organization’s infrastructure that keep coming back to haunt you. You gain control of underlying sources of inefficiency and, from that, your company’s future.

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