Rita Singh Leading Authority on Entrepreneurship

Our Business Development Support consultants go above and beyond by not only giving you the advice but actually work with you:  In choosing the right Structure [entity] of your new business, Development of Product and Services, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Brand Development & Strategy, Technology Readiness, Social Medial Marketing, Tradename and Trademark Registration, Copyrights/Patents, Contract and Proposal Writing, Media and Public Relations, Website Content Development, and Design.

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Entrepreneurship Programs

Our commitment continues through all phases of business development.

From the planning stages of launching, managing and growing the business. From your creative ideas, to evaluation, developing a plan, adding the resources, managing the risks, executing the entire plan and then monitoring the results, we do it all. 

Start Up Stage [1 to 5 years]

Growth Stage [5 to 15 years]

Expansion Stage [15 to 25 years]

Maturity Stage [25 to 40 years]

experience excellence

Entrepreneurship Programs

Our commitment continues through all phases of business development.

From the planning stages of launching, managing and growing the business. From your creative ideas, to evaluation, developing a plan, adding the resources, managing the risks, executing the entire plan and then monitoring the results, we do it all. 

Start Up Stage [1 to 5 years]

Growth Stage [5 to 15 years]

Expansion Stage [15 to 25 years]

Maturity Stage [25 to 40 years]

Navigating Business
Innovation Sessions

This Series of Business Sessions brings practical advice that will help businesses to lead through and beyond a crisis, dealing with the immediate issues and looking toward the opportunities for recovery.

Business Essentials

Manage and pivot your business through uncertain times

Strategic Plan

Blueprint your strategic move during turbulent times

Business Plan

Adapt Your Business Plan to Increase Cash Flow and Market Share

Marketing Plan

Optimize your impact with the right content, branding and communication-that audience crave

Think-Design Innovation

Create a Design Mindset and Solution Focused Approach within Your Organization

The Business Model Canvas

Time To Rethink Business Model, Processes and Workflows

Blue Ocean Strategy

How to Thrive and Create an Uncontested Market During Disruption and Beyond


Rita Singh Leading Authority on Entrepreneurship

Developing Women Business Leaders to Scale Up

Over the course of 30+ years, Rita has and continues to elevate individuals and small businesses to start, grow, and compete in global markets by enhancing the skillset, knowledge, tools, and resources to succeed.

She has personally traveled this journey of entrepreneurship, with a proven track record of not only building her own successful companies and spearheading multiple projects. Rita has launched, turnaround and transformed many businesses from ground zero to becoming a profitable and innovative growing venture.

Whether you are a start-up business or a seasoned entrepreneur, Rita can explore the growth strategies and new opportunities with your team to scale up.

Actively engaged in business and leadership development, Rita brings the best of both worlds through her entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

If You Have a Vision, Strong Mindset and are Hungry for Success

1:1 Personalized Business Coaching

10 minutes

  • 10-Minute Opportunity Call with Rita

1 hour

$ 199
  • 1-Hour Business Coaching

4 hours

$ 499
  • Four (4) 1-Hour Business Coaching


to Discuss
  • Group Business Coaching(s)
Our Services

Strategic Planning

We align teams with a strategic mindset around your vision, mission, values, goals, and action plans by bring together the brightest talent in our organization.

Our strategic planning process is “Culture Transformation” intervened among the employees, customers, vendors, operations, and technology. Our consultants help clients to envision and plan transformation, enhance competitiveness and respond to new business opportunities and challenges.

Strategy Development

With an understanding of emerging trends and industry disruptions, we uncover the untapped potential which exists inside your business to deliver the process automation and human experiences that create a long-term, sustainable impact. Your strategy could be simply as to find new ways to be more efficient.

Strategic Plan

S&A strategic plan is a living breathing document that continually guides inspires and strengthens your organizations future in all areas. A Strategic plan prepared by the S&A team includes an executive summary, mission, vision and values, SWOT analysis, timeline with action plan and specific details on how implementation would be monitored.

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Global Competence in Multi-Cultural Diversity Equity and Inclusion for Sustainable Change

S&A Consulting Group and its collaborative partners bring 300+ collective years of thought leadership, invaluable DEI and Organizational Development experience which makes us, culturally intelligent, adaptable and proficient at both leading and sustaining change. Our teams experience working in diverse communities across the United States and working with organizations seeking to change organization culture is critical to the success of our consulting projects.

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and D&I Plan

Work with Our Team for an Actionable D&I Plan

DEI Programs, Training, and Facilitation

S&A Collaborative Team Qualifications and Experience in DEI is exemplary and unmatched. Together, we have trained employees in D&I over the past 30 years as Subject Matter Experts in all areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, including Racial Equity, Implicit Bias, Social Justice, Inclusion and Belonging, Gender Diversity and Cultural Competence.

Diversity and Inclusion Program Topics

S&A Consulting Group partners with local, regional and national specialists, thought leaders to provide high impact cultural, diversity, inclusion, leadership development programs, events, workshops and dialogues. Focused on specific identities and various dimensions of diversity [Race & Ethnicity, LGBTQ, Interfaith, Trans* Inclusion, Generational Diversity, Gender, Women & Minorities, Disability, Socio-Economic Status, Nationality, Immigration].

Subject Matter Expert on DEI Programs, Training and Facilitation

Racial Equity Audits

S&A has a track record facilitating systemic change by generating transformative ideas and solutions into operational strategies. Our collaborative partners have been providing equity, diversity, and inclusion related consulting services for many years and have conducted several studies for state and local governmental agencies. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting services are premised on a multidimensional approach to examining organization operations, systems, policies, and practices that facilitate and/or inhibit diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We focus on leadership and organizational development initiatives with a diversity, equity, and inclusion mindset. We have a culture that promotes innovation, empowerment, diversity, and inclusion as the foundation of our company. Our team of experts evaluate and examine contracting, procurement, and workforce inequalities to bring our clients answers and remedies that are legally defensible and objective.

Development of Racial Equity Audits Entails

Rita recently completed her certification at Northwestern University on Leading Racial Equity and Inclusion in Organizations to understand: Core racial equity concepts; How racial inequalities shape current business practices; Building a Racial Equity Framework; Implementing a Racial Equity Action Plan.

For a Racial Equity Audit

Our Unique Approach & Skills

Multi-disciplinary training and experience provides deep understanding in shaping organizational culture

Collaborative partnership style provides thought leadership for Executive Team and HR leaders to develop and implement D&I solutions

Seasoned Practitioners can “flex” to adapt to unique social/emotional challenges during engagement

Laser-focus on aligning programs to drive positive change across workplace, workforce, marketplace, and communities

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Disparity Study

Disparity study is a powerful tool to help make the changes needed in the way your organization spends its resources and to make these changes effective and sustainable. With our strong partnerships with other key players in disparity study, we help clients navigate the complexities and challenges involved in producing accurate and valid disparity assessments, so everyone has a greater path to economic opportunity and prosperity. Which results in leveling the playing field for minority, women-owned, and small businesses available to provide professional services, goods, and other services your company may require. 

As a collective group, we bring diversity and inclusion outreach, engagement in underserved communities and sensitive business interviews, analyzing impact of local public policy and programs, complex data collection, in-depth interviews, launch surveys to understand of how to involve local communities, perform disparity analysis, present preliminary results and final report.

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