Developing Future Leaders

Presented at Investment Casting Institute [ICI] Conference 2016| list City and state here By: Rita N. Singh

Why do we need to develop our talent? People get disengaged, they leave, stay but are not productive, not adding any value, instead of an asset they become a liability.

Cultural Demographic Shift represents a natural evolution of American enterprise and its business models. Which requires a multi-cultural mindset and understanding.

Due to cultural demographic shifts, the face of our workforce has completely changed, Hispanics along with African Americans and Asian Pacific Islanders surpassed one third of the U.S. population in 2010. They are on track to reach 54% of the population by 2050 – making them the minority-majority

People seek to express their true identity, in a community-minded, boundary-less environment, which encourages individuality.

What we see is that business is defining the individual. But it should be the other way around; what we need is…individuals defining the business. We need to recognize the unique differences in how people think, act and innovate. The cultural demographic shift requires a workforce made up more of generalists.

I am sharing some of the Practical Steps How to Develop Top Driven Future Leaders by Identifying Talent, Cultivating Talent Champions, Identifying Organizational Needs, Creating Individualized Development Plans, Following Through on Development Plans, Identifying Talent Track Record, the Ability to Execute, Relationship Building, Communication Skills, Passion and Ambition, and a Passion for Learning.

Create Customized Development Plans

Identify Activities Where Future Leaders Can Build Their Competencies; Effective Development Conversation; Candid Discussion; Honest and Periodic Assessment of Skills.

Follow Through on Development Plans

Tracking the Implementation of Development Plans; Sharing the Findings; Development is Ingrained in The Culture; Conduct Check-ins

In Closing, how can we develop future leaders and achieve incredible results?

Communication; Engagement, Education/Training; Coaching/Mentoring; New Initiatives; Responsibility; Listen; Monitor; Reward; Empathy

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