What is Inclusive Leadership

Presented at Greater Cleveland Partnership [GCP] 2021 Co-Presenter | By: Rita N. Singh

Just talking or having Diversly is not enough.

Leaders commit to ensuring all people are treated equitably, feel a sense of belonging, value and respect, have the resources and support they need to achieve their full potential. Inclusive leadership that encourages diversity is proven to make companies more successful. Inclusive leadership is not a title it is embedded in your culture, where human beings thrive together.

These leaders reach and respond to a larger team. They also ensure that teams are heard, respected, valued, and retained. These factors make inclusive leadership a valuable asset to an organization.

McKesson, for example, proclaimed in their 2016 Diversity & Inclusion Report, “We believe a diverse workforce is a fundamental building block for creativity and innovation.” And Apple CEO Tim Cook has said, “I think the most diverse group will produce the best product, I firmly believe that.”

If you don’t start rethinking your game and, in some cases, even reinventing your mission, you could be the next cautionary tale, the “slow giant that failed to innovate.” Diversity equals Innovation. Most importantly when you bring diverse people together, they need the tools, resources, direction and guiding principles to succeed. No one understand better than Inclusive Leaders.

Let’s talk about the behavior of Inclusive Leaders

They lead with Commitment, Courage, Relationship Building, Empathy, Cultural Intelligence, Collaboration and Resilience.

To create and understand the dynamics of Inclusive Leadership Lean on Us

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Presented at Women for Economic and Leadership Development [WELD], NATIONAL Leadership Conference 2021

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