Leadership Basics For The Next Generation Of Leaders

Presented to the Association of Indian Professionals of Northeast Ohio [AIPNO] Youth Group, 2021, Cleveland, Ohio | By: Rita N. Singh

The basic leadership habits will give you a solid foundation to build your life on. These skills are timeless, they are not only good today, but as you walk on this journey, what you learn today can help you lifelong. So, I am sharing my personal experiences, they are not from any book; I have written them specially for all of you. So, get your paper and pen ready to take notes.

What is Leadership? Is it a position? a state of mind, OR being the boss?

Leadership means how to lead yourself, IT STARTS WITH YOU, not with anyone else, before you even think of leading someone else, a team, a business or organization you need to know how to lead yourself? How do you approach things, different circumstances? Do you react to things or are you proactive to situations? That you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Leading Yourself is the first step towards Leadership

1. Keep a journal-a handbook and carry it most of the time with you, take good notes when you are in class, meetings, any program, with other teachers and mentors.

2. Failure-It is okay to fail, failure is part of your success journey, so long as we get up quickly and not repeat the same mistake and we learn from those mistakes. So, have absolutely NO FEAR.

3. Build a Network-Foster personal relationships join professional and civic organizations you feel are right for you, the friendships, the resources you build around yourself will give you so much strength, confidence, courage, knowledge, and it brings TRANSFORMATION in a very positive way.

4. Listening; if I say to you listen to your parents you may not like that. Listening is a great skill, when you really engage yourself in attentive listening, you will remember things better, you can then build on those ideas to empower yourself.

6. Read…Read and Read daily-books, newspapers, articles anything that makes you think, stimulates your mind and growth.

7. Volunteer-Give back, engage yourself in the community and causes you believe in, in school, library, hospital, temple, church, sports team.

8. Seek a Mentor or a Coach who has an invested interest in your growth, and you can share and seek his or her guidance as needed. Coaching is driven by performance; mentoring is driven by the development of the mentee. Mentors want you to grow, coaches measure your success.

If you want a dynamic leader with top notch skills, I encourage all of you, to take the ongoing leadership coaching and training session, we offer year around “Leadership Discovery” designed for our next generation of leaders. The program walks you through the process to prepare you to become the leader you wish to be.

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